Why Aqualift

Our customers often tell us there is nothing so relaxing as a warm bath.

Unfortunately many find it too difficult to get down into the bath and even if they can can get in safely…some still struggle to get out again. Sadly many have given up bathing but they miss the pleasure it gives them more than almost anything else.

There are several solutions such as Walk-in Baths, Bath Chairs, Inflatable seats each of which has its own benefits and disadvantages.                                                                             Or if just getting clean is the aim then a shower or wet room might be the answer.

But if a good long soak in your own bath is what you are  really hoping for then the Aqualift may well be the thing for you. Customers tell us they feel just like they used to years ago and when they are bathing in full depth warm water they do not even notice the belt underneath them waiting patiently to bring them up safely when the experience is over.

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