Save Money...Enjoy Better Quality Products...Protect The Planet... and Earn Extra Income Just by Referring Others.

Aglow Health was born back in 2000 to help people take responsibility for their own wellness.

We grew through our partnerships with long established manufacturers selling heavy mobility equipment but in recent times we have taken the easier route. Now we concentrate entirely on introducing customers to Melaleuca-The Wellness Company. They take care of all product development, manufacture and delivery so our job is simply to open new accounts and relax. Customers place their own orders and Melaleuca handle all the invoicing too. Now we only make one transaction a month and spend all our time helping our business partners make money… For a couple of directors of an 18 year old limited company, that’s living the dream. We are always on the look out for new partners, they are up and running with a no limit opportunity for less than £200…so why don’t you join us.

An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure and supporting the immune system is a great place to start. So through our partnership with Melaleuca we supply cutting edge vitamins and minerals, weight loss programs and condition specific supplements.

These days more people are becoming aware of the toxin load we are placing on our bodies with more than 70,000 chemicals being introduced since WW2. Many of these have found their way into our homes as cleaning products and cosmetics. Melaleuca has been working to reduce household toxicity with natural alternatives for over 30 years and produce very effective and much safer products. Exceptional products at reasonable prices.

We love our customers and many people prefer to remain just customers but we also provide an income opportunity where anyone with an account in good standing is able to introduce other customers and be paid commission on their purchases for life. In fact they can even be paid on the orders of people who join through their indirect influence when their customers refer others to expend their ‘Family Tree’.

Every NUTRITION, PERSONAL CARE, HOME CLEANING, and COSMETICS product has been developed and manufactured to stand out from the competition. Each of our over 400 products is superior in a very clear and relevant way. Melaleuca Preferred Members deserve only the best. That is exactly what Melaleuca is committed to providing.

earn extra income

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