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Weight Crafters weight loss retreat and fitness camp for adults and seniors

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Why are more San Diego residents choosing the Weight Crafters residential weight loss camp in Florida?

a senior weight loss camp client exercising at weight crafters

If you're like many of our clients, you're not interested in wasting time with the latest fad diet or diet pill on the market. No - you want real results. You want to feel younger. Feel healthier. Feel lighter and stronger. You want to FEEL BETTER.

Whether this means regaining strength and agility you've lost over the years, or losing an extreme amount of weight - or both - Weight Crafters is ready to help you make that change!

At Weight Crafters, you'll find refuge from your daily habits and routine. You'll get away from the triggers in your daily life that have prevented your success in the past. You'll experience perfectly balanced fitness routines, carefully adjusted and delicious food, comfortable private accommodations, and a team of experts who will treat you like family and know you on a first name basis.

If you're ready to put the frustration (and some extra pounds) behind you, we're ready to help you transform your life!

a senior weight loss camp client exercising at weight crafters

I lost 45 pounds in 4 weeks! I could not believe it! I know that that is the exception, not the rule - but I have to give the trainers and the chef major credit. I feel great and I have my life back. I feel like I did when I was 30 years old again.

~David D. / Vancouver, Canada / Read More Success Stories

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While the weight loss camp model is an ideal place to start, the expert team at Weight Crafters and our one-on-one personalized, boutique-styled approach is the real secret sauce that makes our program the number one rated weight loss camp in the United States.

First, we limit our classes to no more than 8 at a time. This allows us the flexibility and one-on-one attention to properly and safely help seniors, diabetics, athletes, those with sports injuries and those struggling with morbid obesity to find success in reaching their goals. Whether your case requires that level of specialized attention or not, you can rest assured that your experience at Weight Crafters was a personal one designed specifically for you.

Second, we provide three deliciously prepared meals every day, that will change the way you look at eating healthy! With portions specifically prepared for you, and recipies you can learn to perpare yourself when you return home, Weight Crafters will be an experience in taste that will change how you approach food!

I lost weight, inches, fat and stopped needing some of the medicines I was on as well. I would say that dollar for dollar, it was the best program I have been to.

~Jay P. / Boise, ID / Read More Success Stories

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Third, our accommodations include private and shared condo villas, but always include a private room and bath. Whether you elect to bring a friend or stay alone, you'll have everything you need to relax and recover each night.

It doesn't stop there - at Weight Crafters, you'll receive a complete fitness and body assessment on arrival as well as before you depart. Combined with a before and after photoshoot, this will give you major insight into not only how your body has changed, but also the reasons and ways it performs as it does.

Deep tissue massage therapy, nutrtional counseling, and optional life coaching all help to round out a life changing, complete transoformation weight loss program!

To plan your trip from San Diego to Madeira Beach to attend our residential weight loss camp, contact us today!

spin biking at weight crafters
get started at weight crafters weight loss camp today!
get started at weight crafters weight loss camp today!

Weight loss camp

A fat camp, weight loss camp, or fat farm is a type of residential program where people who are overweight or obese go to lose weight through exercise and lifestyle changes.

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