Own Your Own Electricity Supply

Aglow Health had long been a Champion for the planet promoting clean environment products as well as healthy products for individuals and families. We have promoted Melaleuca the Wellness Company since we were incorporated in January 2000AD.

In more recent times we have been concerned about the ever rising energy bills that our customers are facing. One lady told us she expects her current £150 a month electricity bill to cost her a total of £30,000 over the next 10 years if prices rise as they have for the last 15 years. I will be honest and say I didn’t believe her at first but she was so sure about it, she had done the sums and she was not a lady prone to sensationalism. She is actually quite a dour Scottish lady and so I did the research myself and found out she was right, but most people monthly bill is not as big as hers there were some things she could do about that right away without making any drastic changes.

Switching companies for one…doing the research caused me to switch too and I saved nearly £50 off my dual fuel bill. You can go and have a look round  yourself but we looked at it pretty long and hard and the following link might be of value to you. We will share £100 between us if you decide Octopus Energy is a good choice for you. https://share.octopus.energy/maize-dodo-748

We switched all her lights, and she had a lot, to LEDs, that cut the lighting bill by between 80% and 90% and she said the light was nicer too. The bulbs were not the cheap and nasty ones that you can get in the pound stores, we found out they don’t use the best transformers, whatever that means and they don’t last very long. They should last 15 years or more if you get decent ones but obviously the savings are going to take a year or two to pay back the initial cost.

Anyway all this got us thinking and we found that Renewable Energy is very compatible with the ethos on which our company was founded in the Millennium Year. We all went back to school and studied the possibilities and have no released a range of products to help our customers,

1 Create their Own Energy

2 Use Energy in Smarter Ways

3 Even get cash back from the Government or the Energy Companies in the form of Renewable Heat Incentive or Smart Export Guarantee